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Create custom generator

Using yeoman we can create our own generators. This means that you can automatize copy/paste/modify …

First we must install yeoman generator

$ npm install -g yo generator-generator

now we are ready to create our custom generator

let’s make directory where our custom generator will be created

$ mkdir mygen

move to that directory

$ cd mygen

then start yo generator

$ yo generator

answer to the questions and wait

yeoman will ask few questions, such as description, email address, GitHub account and others.

After providing all the information, it will start installing the required NPM dependencies and will generate a directory structure something like this.

      |    |
      |    |_dummyfile.txt
      |_ index.js 	  

now we need to link new generator with command

$ npm link

This will begin making your generator locally on your machine.

Now you should be able to see new generator in a list of the yo generators

$ yo
? 'Allo ds! What would you like to do?
> Mygen
  Update your generators
  Install a generator
(Move up and down to reveal more choices)

Generator can be invoked with following command as well:

$ yo mygen

it will generate dummyfile.txt